Golden foods

Golden foods have been specializing in distributing south asian foods products, where the quality foods and consistency in supply have been our target. Satisfied customers and positive annual growth is our biggest abchivement. Golden foods has experience and expertise in every avenue of the business. We are centrally located which enables us to be quite effective in distribution and can supply on day basis.

  • The past years have brought with it many changes, but through a process of continuous development, the business has succeeded in meeting the ongoing requirements of global sourcing and distribution while satisfying the increasing and varied needs of our consumers.
  • From rice, nuts to spices will ensure that we will only sell the best quality.
  • customer satisfaction our highest priority
  • we provide goods-in procedures in traceability and
  • continuous product development and investment in our brands.
  • Continue to add to our product portfolio varieties and new trending products.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is through organic and stable continuous growth, further develop the valuable bond between our suppliers and customers through quality products and innovation. Being careful and critical in the market to get the best from all ends to make the circle continue its movement to positive results.

To continue be one of the best (and humble) in our trade!